Classical and innovative elements

Digitally connected audiences around the world

This event is planned as a hybrid meeting. We aim to engage all participants acively and equally.  The symposium will combine classical and innovative elements making use of the exceptional possibilities at the Herrenhausen congress venue.

  • The open-space plenary room offers space for lectures and panel discussions.
  • Live streaming allows reaching out to the world.
  • Results from panel workshops on the Western/Eastern hemisphere will be brought together through interactive panel discussions.
  • Abstract presentations are integrated as short oral communications or virtual poster walks within the program.
  • Break-out rooms allow to intensify discussions on certain topics with the Herrenhausen garden park being an additional and ideal place for such break-outs.
  • Virtual pin boards will foster interaction of all participants by allowing to share ideas, questions, comments and emotions.
  • Unique QR codes allow individual appointments between participants.
  • Mindfulness as a key feature for health will be practiced.