Diversity & Equity

In Transplant Research, Patient-care and Careers of Professionals

Sex and gender sensitive medicine is relevant for organ transplantation. Studies show that patient and transplant outcome differs between women and men. Differences depend not only on biological, but also psychological and socioeconomic factors. While research on the topic still lacks consistency, sex and gender need to be considered from basic research to clinical studies.

The symposium aims to increase awareness towards the topic not only among clinicians and researchers, but also among patients. Our goal is to discuss the evidence, but define prospective actions in a group as diverse as possible. We reached out to clinician and researchers from different medical disciplines, career stages and countries to promote new and strengthen existing international research networks. We involve patients and their families from all age groups and all types of organ transplants to incorporate patients’ perspective.

We allow for mentoring between the participants with the goal to support women in the field of transplantation medicine, research, and patient advocacy. Several leading scientists will act as role models.

Addressing needs in transplantation medicine in a sex and gender sensitive approach

Implementation of sex/gender aspects in all research approaches

Translation of evidence into guidelines, education and policies towards equality and equity in patient-care