International Mentoring Program „Sex & Gender in Transplantation: The Female Perspective“

For Clinician Scientists & Medical Scientists

The symposium offers a unique platform for our pilot mentoring program boosting the career development of young talented clinician & medical scientists and connecting them to a vast network of clinicians, scientists and patients in transplantation medicine. Our goal is to expand the mindsets and horizon of mentees as well as mentors, which shall support you to recognize the  diversity of your opportunities in clinic, research and career development in a global world. We offer a total of 16 female & male clinician & medical scientists support by a structured mentoring program for the duration of 12 month.

  • Our mentors are leading role models from all over the world. With their life experience and professional knowledge they are willing to  support you according to your needs, e.g. in questions concerning your career development, grant applications as well as scientific and clinical issues.
  • You will benefit from collegial inter-career-stage, inter-professional and inter-cultural exchange.



The menoring program is open for clinicians and researchers who eager to develop their career. Applications of students, doctoral candidates, early post-docs, up to established researchers (e.g. late-post doc and attending physicians) are welcome.

  • first personal meeting and get-to-know with your mentor at the symposium
  • travel grant for the symposium sex & gender in transplantation
  • continuous exchange either online and in person for 12 month supported by the career development program PRACTIS of Hannover Medical School


Thanks to the funding foundation of Hannover Medical School Förderstiftung MHHplus providing further travel grants for this mentoring program.



Selection criteria for mentoring program are analog to the travel grants, except of criteria one:

  • Your career development goals and furthermore the impact of the mentoring program on your career development plan
  • Your genuine interest in the topic
  • Abstract’s fit to the symposium’s overall topic (in case of abstract submission)
  • Symposium’s impact on your personal and professional development
  • Your commitment on providing feedback towards your own clinical community, research community

Ranking of the applications will consider your career-stage to assure same chances of early and advanced clinicians and researchers.. Please also consider the guidelines for the submission of abstracts as well as travel grants.

All applications must emailed  to


Download Template Mentoring Program
Information on „Call for Abstracts and Travel Grants“